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Magdelene's Story

Living in poverty is tough, indescribable and difficult to escape. Even more so if your baby is born prematurely and needs special care. This is little Magdelene’s story and the challenges her parents face bringing her up in Lavender Hill.

Magdalene Cassidy Louw is finally home. She is an adorable baby and is now three and a half months old but she had an uncertain and unexpectedly early start in life. Magdelene arrived twelve weeks premature at Groote Schuur Hospital on 29th October 2017 and spent her first weeks of life in the specialist neonatal unit at the hospital.

Her parents, Mom Chantal Stokes and Dad Gary Louw are delighted to welcome her home and the Guardians of the National Treasure gifted a baby pack of urgently needed supplies for Magdelene’s first few days at home. In some cases, baby care items are stolen or sold for drugs so support will need to be ongoing to help the parents cope with a tiny baby and her needs, and bring her up strong and healthy.

Magdelene lives Tyne Court, Lavender Hill. Her parents have had a tough life on the wrong side of the tracks. Since Magdalene returned home they have moved twice, and are now in their third house in two weeks. They are now living in a shack, in the backyard of a house, that equally needs support and maintenance. Magdalene's father just came out of prison after a decade and is committed to giving his new daughter and family a better life.

The GNT are supporting the family, sponsoring little Magdelene, and making weekly visits to help her parents in addressing her basic needs. Both parents are most appreciative of the support the GNT can give to help them get on their feet again as employment is difficult to find.

Magdelene is just one of many children and families struggling in Lavender Hill. If you can help Magdelene and other children like her please donate to the Guardians of the National Treasure

Every little helps a child have a future of hope and love.

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