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Supporting the Cape Flats and Lavender Hill Communities though the Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond

An Outbreak of Hope

A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step – or in our case: a single pot of food on a fire.


Before the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown that followed it, the Cape Flats and Lavender Hill communities were already fighting a war: against despair, negativity and violence. Guardians of the National Treasure was working hard with community leaders and our wonderful children to build positivity through community cohesion projects in the form of sports, arts and education. As a registered Non-Profit Organisation, our aim was simple: to do everything within our power to uplift our community and provide a better future for the next generation of children.


And then, with little notice, we had another fight on our hands.


This time it was a fight against a virus that had the potential to land another heavy blow on a community that had already suffered more than its fair share of hardship. Forced to the very foundation of our community’s hierarchy of needs – food – we began our first Feeding Hub in the form of a single pot of food on a fire. Our work was fuelled by hope: not that everything was going to be okay, but that we had within our power the ability to reduce the suffering of people in our community.

Through the goodness of our people and the love they have for their community, an outbreak of hope was born, powered by volunteers determined to turn our pain into something beautiful. In this review, you'll find our story of 2020: how we managed to go beyond simply providing our community with the means to survive but laying the foundations for them to thrive: whether that be through our Economic Empowerment Initiative or our Youth Pet Care scheme.

Our achievements this year have been immense, but so are the challenges that face us in 2021. We need your support now more than ever to make our dream of a more peaceful, thriving community a reality.

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