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Help Make A True Change


A small $5 donation would help fund a a child in Lavender Hill to join the holiday programme for a day, a sports training session, a meal or a haircut.

$1 (16 ZAR) = Family membership for a month (covering basic advice and support, CV writing, photocopies, emails, emergency phone calls, emergency support for hospitalisation, weekly soup kitchen).

$10 (160ZAR) = 10 sport sessions for one player  (there are currently 300 soccer boys and 100 netball girls).

$25 (400ZAR) = 10 day School Holiday Programme for one child (covering safeguarding, development and delivery, part of community upliftment and transformation).

$50 (800ZAR) = Helps fund cultural events, educational excursions, workshops and wellness sessions.

$100 (1600ZAR) = Gives educational support towards school fees, stationary and tutoring for a year for one child.

$1000 (16000ZAR) = Funds an all inclusive wellness package and family intervention for a year, anti-drug workshops and holistic lifestyle with sport, arts, education and body & soul intervention: GNT Institution of Kindness Package.

Click the button below to donate online, or donate direct via our charity account: Beneficiary Lavender Hill Sports and Recreation Project, Reg Number 014-671 NPO, Branch Code 025609, Account Number 370896432, Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ.

Any donation, however small, will help us towards achieving our goals. Thank you in advance for your generosity. 

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